Sound is often the neglected element of interior design. Beautifully designed venues can be let down by atrocious sound, acoustics and completely inappropriate music. Ironically it is sound, more than vision, that affects people subconsciously. Just like interior design puts your stamp on a space, so can the right sound, acoustics and music make your venue unique.

Ambient Arts Agency can realise complete site-specific sound environments for any kind of public or private space. Whether you need ambience music for your bar, restaurant or office, or a complete immersive interactive surround experience for your gallery or corporate event, AAA can help you achieve your exclusive sonic environment.

Imagine shops, galleries, hotel lobbies, restaurants, museums, offices where the sound and lighting evolve according to what is happening in the space. Our team includes interactive technology specialists who can make your surroundings stand out, entertain and amaze!

Ambient design can:

  • Create specially commissioned soundtracks for any interior.
  • Assess and correct any acoustic deficiencies in your space.
  • Offer a symbiotic relationship between innovative sound-design and visual arts (video, lighting, flat screens) by integrating context-sensitive interactive technologies such as web-cams, touch-sensitive screens, motion-sensors, directional speakers and more.
  • Adapt to people’s behavioural patterns and spatial ergonomics
  • Subvert the mundane by creating bespoke sonic/visual ambiences that evolve organically according to the changing states of an environment (time of day, temperature, noise levels, light/darkness, even the weather…)

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